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Maranatha AKC yorkies of California!

AKC Certified, Professional Breeders of:

Yorkshire Terriers, Parti Yorkies, Poodles, & Morkies

Hello, and Welcome to

Maranatha Pets!


We are a family of professional breeders of QUALITY AKC Yorkshire Terriers,

AKC Parti Yorkshire Terriers and Morkies. Our dogs are our family pets and they live, eat and sleep with us, and are socially comfortable with everyone. 


We are based in Stockton, California, well-positioned to serve the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Central Valley markets. 

God Bless You!


traditional & parti yorkies
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I have 3 Yorkies and

1 Cream French miniature Poodle



DNA tested Yorkies 
I have 2 litters - 8 puppies


Because all of our dogs are our priority...


We truly believe that the PUPPY chooses his or her family and because of this, we require a visit to see the puppy no earlier

then 8 weeks old. If there is no connection at the time of

meeting that puppy, buyers will have the option to choose

another available puppy or receive a refund of their deposit.

If you decide to purchase a puppy elsewhere or

change your mind, the deposit is forfeited.

Puppies will never leave our care before 8 weeks old.

If the puppy is not mature enough, he or she will stay in our care longer.

We vet our prospective families very closely, to make sure our puppies go to the best homes possible.

We reserve the right to refuse an adoption. 

With every purchase of one of our Maranatha Pets puppies, you will receive a beautiful bag filled with all sorts of goodies for your new baby.
This includes:
AKC Registration
(for AKC Yorkies)
(On occasion, registration papers will need to be mailed if I have not received them by the time of purchase.)
Written Contract & Health Guarantee
Record of Vaccination
Puppy Blanket
Bag of Small Breed Puppy Food
Tiny Syringe (to Prevent Dehydration)
Baby Toy
Pee Pads
Poop Bags
Forti-Cal for Hypoglycemia

We accept:

Zelle, to place a Deposit.

Only Cash at time of purchase (US Dollars)

Not an electronic payment.

We do not accept checks, cashier checks or money orders.

Healthy Parents and Puppies are Our Priority.

Our Mommas are fed high-quality vitamins before they are bred. Moms receive prenatal vitamins during pregnancy, plus the addition of fresh puppy food and puppy kibble, which is an excellent source of nutrition.


We are aware and expect within a day or two when Mom will give birth, so there are no surprises or devastating outcomes. During the days before the birth, the mom’s temperature is taken three times per day, and as soon as her temperature drops to 98 degrees, we know labor has started. During this time, our moms are never left alone to have their puppies - we do not leave her side. No matter what time of day or night mom goes into labor, we assist her in every way possible. We soothe her with touch and offer her goat’s milk, vanilla ice cream, or cottage cheese for energy and calcium. Mom is also given Cal-Sorb, to help with contractions and stamina. The health of our mom and puppies is closely monitored from the moment she goes into labor and for several hours after birth - they are never left alone. Puppies are weighed and recorded every day to monitor and secure enough nursing and weight gain. If a puppy is not eating enough, a supplement of a special milk mixture is given (recipe available upon request). This rarely happens, due to the amazing beginning, they are provided at conception.

We truly love our Mommas, Papas, and Puppies, and we strive to keep them healthy, happy and socialized, so they have the very best lives they can live.

What we feed our puppies

What we feed our dogs

best groomer around!


We breed our puppies, striving for perfection.

This little girl was born to Ellie and Sir Winston and is an 

example of the quality of puppies we produce.

She shows perfect body, size, height, temperament,

markings, and a beautiful black and gold coat,

with thickness and shine - all the qualities that can be

used as an excellent female breeder.

Above is a video showing you

how our Mommas and Puppies

are raised.

To Begin the


Call at (209) 244-5237

  1. We will determine (temperament, size, gender) which puppy suits your family best during our conversation.

  2. Read and agree to terms in the contract (sent via email).

  3. Email back the Signed contract (will not accept the agreement via snail mail).

  4. Place deposit of $500.00 (via Zelle)

  5. Only US currency is accepted at the time of pickup. No electronic transaction will be accepted.

  6. The puppy is now reserved in your name, and no one will have access to your puppy until you meet him/her and a connection between you and the puppy has been made.

  7. If no connection is made from the puppy and you, your deposit will be refunded.

  8. According to the contract agreement, there is no deposit refund if you change your mind or find a puppy elsewhere.

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